My little Helper.

Having a toddler and trying to get things done as most parents already know, can be near impossible at times!

Our little guy is usually my shadow. If I’m cleaning he asks for a cloth to wipe things with. When I’m sweeping he loves to hold the dust pan. ( his future wife should thank me for this early training!)
So it’s no surprise that when I’m doing something fun, like baking he needs to be right there with me.

He’s two and a half so he’s old enough to do the simpler tasks, like stirring, pouring in ingredients and decorating. While we bake we practice counting, colors and shapes!

It’s a special time that I love having with him. As soon as I get out the bowls a little voice behind me always yells ” what we makin’ today momma?”

Of course having my “helper” makes things more difficult sometimes, much more messy, and not to mention at times frustrating. (Keeping it real!)

I know that the time will come when he would rather hang out with his friends than bake with his mom.
I’ve been told I’m not good at “playing boy toys” two separate occasions by two different boys! ( I grew up super girly girl, with only sisters, one cousin who was a boy, and the rest all girls. What do you expect!)

That’s why Mike wins the prize as best playmate, but baking that’s my thing!

I remember doing the same with my grandmother (my mom isn’t a baker). I was in charge of stirring and I shared the very important responsibility of sprinkles with my grandfather! I love thinking back to those days.

So on days like today with my little guy sitting on the counter helping me make bread, I hope he will feel the same about these times when he’s to “big” to be my “little” helper.



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