My Valentines Day dessert idea!

I’ve finally come up with an idea and what I think is the perfect dessert to serve to my two Valentines on Friday!

I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too complicated since I wont have much time for anything too crazy. I also wanted to make sure it was semi healthy, loading a 2 and a half year old up on chocolate just a few hours before bedtime, not a good idea…

I combined two things my guys love! My banana bread and strawberries.

I went with Strawberry banana bread mini Trifles! The most simple thing I’ve ever made.

I made my own Banana bread but you can use store bought if you want. I took a small carton of whipping cream and added a few drops of vanilla. (I didn’t measure, just went by taste), then whipped until light and fluffy. I then chopped up some strawberries and a piece of banana bread and alternated layering them with the whipped cream.  I topped it off with some banana slices and a heart shaped strawberry!

I honestly think they turned out so cute!

I know the ones I make on Friday will be enjoyed, but this one is all mine!

Desserts don’t have to be overcomplicated to be good , some days the more simple and less time consuming the better.  I hope everyone enjoys their Valentines Day !

xo                                                                                                                                Fran








  1. That looks soooo nice!

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