My unbirthday birthday cake.

Exactly one week today will be my 29th birthday…..yay?

I’ve done the normal birthday cake, cupcakes, a cake in the shape of a giant cupcake and even went a little crazy and had an ice cream cake a few times! This year I’ve decided that I absolutely must have a nutella and ricotta cookie pie that a local Toronto bakery makes! (pictures to follow, as long as I can control myself long enough to take one!) I know I know its crazy a pie no way! haha

but seriously after 28 birthdays I think its time for me to do something different. That got me thinking, what are other options you could choose instead of a boring old cake?                                                So there I went to Pinterest as usual. I found a few ideas I thought were pretty cool!

These three ideas are from

The first one is a cake made of fruity pebbles. I think it looks  adorable and so colorful!



Why not donuts?? Yes donuts! who doesn’t love them? Everyone loves them because they are delicious and now also perfect for a birthday!


Ok I got really excited over this one! this is one of my favorite desserts Cinnamon rolls! I feel like I need this in my life.


I also thought these cake batter truffles from were super cute and look just as yummy!


Whatever you choose to have as you celebrate your special day all that truly matters is that you have your loved ones around you helping you celebrate. But hey having a super cool dessert couldn’t hurt….right?

xo                                                                                                                                 Fran


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