Cinnamon Swirl Bread

So it’s been a pretty quiet week around here. I was pretty sick and was out of the kitchen. Most of the week was spent in bed!

This weekend I took it easy and enjoyed the mild weather we finally got! (Is it spring yet???)

I’m feeling much better now and decided to give a recipe I found on Pinterest a try!

This recipe is from this one is for her cinnamon swirl bread! There are a few steps to making this delicious bread but the results are so worth the wait! I love trying recipes that I find online and this one was a definite winner that I will not hesitate to make again! (I’m thinking sooner rather than later!)

You can find the recipe here:

The bread filled our house with the most delicious cinnamon smell and the bread was so moist and flavorful! I love cinnamon rolls and this bread is pretty close!

This morning we popped a piece in the toaster and added a little butter. It was heaven!!

It’s good to feel back to normal again and eating something yummy doesn’t hurt either!


This was our finished product! I had to hold my guys back from demolishing the entire loaf right out of the oven!

Head over to and try the recipe for yourself!




  1. thanks for trying my recipe & linking back to it – I appreciate it!! Glad you enjoyed it!

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