Back to blogging!

Wow, time has really flown by!

It`s been almost a year since my last post. I stopped posting right after we discovered we were expecting baby #2!
Between the excitement of finding out a new little one was on it’s way, the nausea, running after a 2 year old, the nausea, doctors appointments and did I mention the nausea? It was hard to actually find time to sit down and have energy to blog.

I made a promise to myself that I would take some me time in the new year and would dedicate some of that to this blog!

I’m coming back with more recipes, crafts and stories from my life as a mommy of 2!
I hope you will all enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy posting, I’m excited to get back into blogging and can’t wait for all of the fun to come!

I figured I would show you a little of what has gone on since I’ve been gone in my next few posts.
I’ll post about our newest addition, our big boy turning 3 and his super cool Lego party with a look back on his past parties. Some of the yummy things we’ve created in the kitchen and some crazy stories from our daily lives!

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, but I’m back to work blogging which will hopefully include a blog facelift!

Thanks for sticking with me,



  1. Can’t wait to read your stories and try some crafts!

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