Be My (non candy) Valentine!

With next week being Valentines day, our family did our usual trip over to Target to let Frankie pick out his valentines. Even though he isn’t in school until next year, he loves handing them out to our family and friends!

With his first year of school coming so quickly, it got me thinking about next year, and what fun things we could create at home for Frankie to hand out to his classmates.So off to Pinterest I went!

Valentines Day is usually a day filled with chocolates and candy. I know some schools and frown upon bringing non healthy treats to school and I’m sure other parents would appreciate them getting less sweets to add to that inevitable high that always seems to follow! (Myself included!)

I found some ideas that I thought little ones would enjoy even more than chocolate! (Hard to believe, I know..)



These bouncy ball valentines are adorable and so simple to make for the step by step instructions head over to


Who says bugs are gross? You can get a bag of these plastic bugs at your local dollar store and then check out for their free bug jar printable!


Glo sticks!
Has your free printout


Crazy straws! These straws can make any drink fun! This idea comes from


I found these army men on Etsy but they can easily be done at home!


Every kid loves play doh! This valentine idea will provide hours of fun! has your free printout for this idea!


This was one if my favorite ideas it’s adorable and perfect for little ones.
Has a set of 4 printables to help create this adorable cards!

These are just a few ideas I’ve come across to help make Valentines day fun! (And sugar free!)
Follow my Be Mine board on pinterest to see even more!



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