Our LOVEly Long Weekend!

This weekend was Valentines Day of course!

It was also Family day long weekend here in Ontario. We lucked out this weekend with Mike having Friday off so we got to enjoy a 4 day weekend together!

We started the weekend off on Friday with a trip to the local library, which was having a special Valentines activity day!

It was a lot of fun! It was also some special one on one time for Frankie and I, while Mike also got some quality time at home with Emilia!

There were stories and crafts, we even stayed a little longer and read some books just the two of us. I could tell Frankie had a blast and so did I!


After that we visited my parents so Frankie could hand deliver his Valentines!

The next morning our day began with both my little loves piling into the big bed to exchange the gifts they had bought for each other!

They really do love each other and I’m so happy I captured these special moments between them.

Also Emilia was very happy about the Minnie Mouse her brother picked out for her!


Mike spoiled me with a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner! He truly knows that food is the key to my heart! Ha ha!
Not to mention the beautiful bracelet and picture Frankie made me!

We spent the rest of the day watching movies, playing games and just being together as a family!

Frankie loved his afternoon snack,

I loved spending the day with my loves!

The next day we headed over to
Mike’s parents house to deliver even more valentines!

We spent Monday relaxing around the house, no cooking no cleaning. Just lounging around the house in our pjs, ordered take out for dinner and enjoyed the last day until it’s back to reality, and Mike is back to work.

It’s not often that we get 4 full days together. This weekend was great, we made new memories and started new traditions for years to come! I can’t wait to do it over and over again as my two little valentines grow up!

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day as well!



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