Spring Flowers 

With the beginning of March a small light at the end of this dark cold winter tunnel is in sight!

I thought I would share a fun craft Frankie and I made for both my Mother and Mother in law for Mothers Day! He loved making them and they loved recieving them. The best part is, you only use things you probably already have around the house!  

These adorable flowers will lever wilt and will always be around to brighten your home to give you a little hope that all of this snow will soon be gone!

What you need:

Egg cartons ( as many as you want depending on how many flowers you would like)


Pipe cleaners

1 enthusiastic little helper!

Pretty easy directions, 

Cut out all the individual cups of the egg carton. 

You can shape them into different flowers shapes, but I thought they looked cute as they were.

Paint the cups whatever colours you would like, completely inside and out. My helper wanted rainbow flowers! 

Then set aside to dry!

(Frankie loved this part, but we took many breaks to wipe my little clean freak’s hands lol)

Then we used pipe cleaner to make stems! Construction paper would make great leaves but we used pipe cleaners for those as well. We then wrapped each bouquet up the same as a florist would. I didn’t get a picture of that but trust me it was super cute!

This bouquet is now proudly displayed at Frankie’s Nonna’s house and I think they are adorable!

This was a fun activity that I thought I would share, and a perfect way to welcome spring with your little one!

Have Fun!

xo Fran



  1. Love this project and loving this blog ! I love being a mommy blogger !! I love all things cooking , DIY , mommy things , baby and toddler and just having a place to go and vent and write about the trIumphs and not so triumphant moments of mommyhood !! Hope you’ll check out my blog http://www.lazymamasundays.wordpress.Com and instagram theinspiredmama_ Facebook page is : the inspired mama

    Looking forward to reading more from you. we mama’s need yo stick together and support each other !! Maybe we can collaborate on an instagram post in the future 🙂

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