Not Enough Hours in the day! ( a little update on our family)

Things are pretty busy around here lately!

I have a bunch of little projects going on around the house, including finishing up Emilia’s room. I’m hoping to get a post about it together soon.

While that’s going on I’ve started a massive spring cleaning, getting rid of so many toys and old clothes we’ve acquired over the past few years. It’s amazing the amount of things that you accumulate overtime! I’m in the mindset that if you haven’t worn it, or used to in 6 months it’s time to let it go! 

Mike on the other hand, finds sentimental value in literally everything we own. If it were up to him we wouldn’t get rid of anything! (We’d also probably be on the show horders and sleeping in our car since we would have no room to live in the house!) 

Frankie is easier to encourage to get rid of things. He understands the idea of donating things to kids that aren’t as fortunate as he is, we also have joined a local online community where we can sell some gently used items. Ever since we opened a savings account for Frankie he’s all about the Benjamin’s, or in his case toonies and loonies lol! He’s more than eager to sell some of his old toys to fill up his piggy bank for his next big deposit!


Seriously, he wants all of the money!

On top of all of that im working on Emilia’s baptism, which is on the 19th. I’m  getting everything together, making decorations and finishing up some last minute details. All while trying to keep up to date on my blogging and trying to get my daily “jobs” done!

Think I’ve got enough on my plate? 

Every night I lay in bed thinking about my to do list for the next morning. To say I can’t wait for this month to be done it an understatement. 

I’ve recently started to make lists for myself daily. I find that if I write down what needs to be done, it holds me more accountable and gives me more motivation to get it done. Surprisingly Frankie noticed my lists and now asks for his own. “I have lots of work to do Momma, please write my list” he dictates his list to me every morning, his important jobs include:

  • Playing Lego
  • Eating snacks
  • Going outside
  • Talking to his sister 
  • Drawing a picture for the fridge
  • Reading his books

As you can see he’s a pretty busy guy too!

Aside from the craziness going on, we’re getting ready for Easter! We’ll be spending Good Friday with Mike’s side of the family and Easter Sunday with mine. I’m looking forward to a fun weekend with family and a few day where I don’t have to worry about my very large to do list!

In other news Emilia started solids and as you can see she loves it……


She’s growing so fast it’s crazy, she’ll be 5 months in only 6 days! Looking at Frankie it’s hard to remember him being so small! 

He’s still a great helper, encouraging his sister to crawl to him at tummy time, cheering her on while she’s eating her cereal and educating her on all of the Ninja Turles and all of his “Star Wars guys”.

So that’s a little of what’s going on around here! I hope you’re all getting a little more rest and relaxation than I am!





  1. How does your 5 month old have so much hair?! It’s gorgeous! And I love the little man’s list, “talking to his sister”, heart melted. 🙂 Lastly, your Mike sounds a lot like my Mike so I feel your pain.

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