Easter weekend recap!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!

We had a busy weekend, we were on the go from Friday to Sunday. Monday morning everything hit me all at once and I spent the day in bed with a terrible headache and sore throat. Luckily Mike had the day off so I got a chance to get som rest!

On good Friday we went to visit Mike’s Parents and sister. It was a big day for Emila, she had a few firsts that day! Emilia got to finally meet her great Nonna and received her first Easter Egg!  Frankie also got a giant Easter egg and held onto it for dear life! ( can you tell he doesn’t get chocolate on a regular basis?) 


After our visit with Nonna, we went to Mike’s parents house where both kids got lots of treats and Emilia went into Frankie’s old Exersaucer for the first time! She’s growing so fast it’s crazy! 



While Emila was having some fun, Frankie went out to do his first Easter egg hunt of the weekend! He said the Easter Bunny was pretty tricky this year!





Later that night, Frankie left out some treats and look who came to visit him!


We had a yummy fish dinner and ice cream cake for desert, Frankie went home very happy and VERY full of sugar!

Saturday my niece spent the day with the kids and I, we watched Big Hero 6. (Super cute movie, everyone really liked it!) after lunch Frankie and his cousin baked a cake for everyone to enjoy at Sunday’s Easter dinner the next night. 


He loves spending time with his cousins, and I’m so glad they are growing up so close!  

That night my younger sister came over to decorate eggs with Frankie, they had a lot of fun. Please excuse my lack of photos for that activity my anxiety level was at an all time high while they made a mess……I mean had fun lol! Those two always have so much fun together and thankfully they are a really good team when it’s clean up time!

When everyone went to bed, I got to work on some easter bunny tracks. I took a large paint brush, and a bowl of baby powder and got to work!


Everyone loved finding them the next morning, except for our dog Pearl who woke up at 6 smelling them and crying…..


We all went downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny had brought, Frankie was very excited! Emilia was more interested in the colourful “grass” in her first ever Easter basket than she was the presents inside. 





We had a nice breakfast together and got dressed up for our family dinner. Of course I had to get pictures of the family before we left! 

Mike responded with his usual ” here we go…” 

Frankie now hates taking pictures, he won’t stay still even if your lucky to convince him to participate. Luckily we managed to get a few good shots!



Once we got to my parent’s house, it wasn’t long before the house filled up with family. My grandparents, sisters, niece, nephew uncles, aunts and cousins all spent the day together.

Easter has always been my favourite holiday growing up. I loved all of the fun my cousins and I had as children, hunting for eggs and playing outside all day. 

Now I get to relive that through my own children!

Speaking of hunting eggs all of the kids had a blast during their own hunt! My mom even set up a little hunt for Emilia inside, 

so off I…….. oops!

I mean she went to find her treats ha!



We sat down to a delicious dinner, and way too many desserts!

Both kids were exhausted and were out cold 2 minutes into the car ride home!

It was a busy weekend full of fun and new memories to treasure forever.

I hope you all also enjoyed your weekend!

For now I’ll be in bed recovering, times sure have changed this isn’t the kind of weekend I used to have to recover from before kids, ha ha!







  1. Barbara Donofrio says:

    It was such a wonderful weekend for the kids and also for the grandparents. I will keep this close to my heart. Grandkids are the best

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