Invasion of the baby food jars!

With Emilia starting solids, we’ve been going through a lot of baby food jars lately. I didn’t want to just get rid of them, I knew they had to be useful for something!

I took to Pinterest….. As usual! While there I discovered a few helpful and fun uses for these mini jars!

One idea I found and tried for myself, was making mini planters to grow your own herbs indoors! During a recent trip to our local dollar store I found some gold glitter tape. I added it to 3 washed jars, added seeds, soil and water! So easy and they’re pretty cute if you ask me!  


They’re super glittery! The picture really doesn’t do them justice. I’m thinking of doing one or two to store my lip and eyeliners. They would be good for makeup brushes too!

I’ve seen the spice organizer idea, snow globe and votive candle holder ideas a million times. These are a few new ideas I’ve never seen, and definitely plan on using. We won’t be running out of jars anytime soon so I might as well get some good use out of them! 

I’ve seen a lot of people bake cupcakes or mini fruit crumbles in the jars but these s’mores caught my eye idea from Phar-


find the recipe here:

Who doesn’t want to make home manicures even easier? This idea is literally genius! Nail polish remover idea from Momtastic


Find it here!

These little jars are the perfect size for little hands, and make adorable little drinks for a summer party! Stay at Homeista had this great idea! 
Here’s the link!

We all have those bobby pins laying around our homes! Now thanks to Oh how crafty you’ll have a place to store them and other things in the cutest way! 

The step by step instructions are here!

I try to reuse as much as I can, I really hate throwing things away if I don’t have to.

 Also, if any of you have a child that watches Sesame Street like Frankie. You’ll know they’ve been talking about recycling a lot. Frankie walks around the house singing “don’t throw it away, recycle and play!” Over and over again! 

 I think it’s great that he’s learning about recycling already and we try to set a good example for him. By doing it ourselves

I’ve seen many other uses for the jars including,

  • Crayon organizer 
  • Making your own air freshener 
  • Storing little bits of leftover wall paint for touch ups.
  • Succulent planter
  • Container for party favors 

Honestly Pinterest is full of great ideas!!

With all of the jars I have around here, I should probably get to work!

On a little side note, it’s been pretty exciting over here! 

Frankie got his first baseball glove and starts T ball on Monday and Emilia’s hair is now long enough for her first set of pig tails!

 These two are growing way too fast for my liking, but I have to admit it is fun going through every new stage with them! 

 xo, Fran