The only bug you’ll ever actually want in your house + Giveaway!!

Right now we’re going through that fun time with Emilia known as teething.

It’s a glorious time for us, filled with drool, screams and literally everything within her reach going into her mouth! Much to Frankie’s dismay, we’ve discovered many an action figure covered in… as he puts it “Baby Slime!”

While on Instagram I reached out to many fellow parents for advice, and received sooo many great tips! I also browsed many teething companies in search of a new solution for this insatiable little drool princess that has taken up residence in our home!

I came across nēnu Family and their new teether bug! 


(Honestly is this not the cutest thing ever?)

This teether is brand new to the market and is absolutely adorable! 

I contacted nēnu Family brand and they so graciously sent me one of their bugs and a set of their spoons! 


First off, I loved the packaging. It’s so modern looking and sleek. It made me feel like a “cool parent” lol.

Before using the teether I read all about the company in a brochure they provided. 

The company was started by parents who wanted more options for safe well designed products for their children. With their backgrounds in product design and development they got to work creating something they could trust.

All of their products are 100% made in the U.S. 

  • They are all safety tested and certified 
  • Free of Phthalate, Vinyl and BPA
  • Made from FDA rated, Medical grade TPE material

When developing their teether they took into consideration the little hands that would be using it. The round loop of the bug is designed to encourage one and two handed grasping and encourage little ones to develop fine motor skills. While the bumps on the legs help sooth sore gums.

I gave Emilia the teether and waited for my review lol 


The results were in, she loved it! 

It was so easy for her to hold onto, and there was no chance of her gagging herself, (which she seems to do often).  She would take it out of her mouth every so often and play with it, waving it around and talking to her new little friend.

Something so simply designed, has easily become one of her favourite things to play with! I’m so happy we’ve found something to help ease her pain and frustration, while also helping her have fun!

I want to thank nēnu Family for being so great, their customers service is amazing! 

You can learn more about their products and company at

Now it’s time for me to share their generosity with all of you! 

nēnu Family is giving away two prize packs each containing: 

  • One teether bug
  • One pack of spoons

Head over to and

To find out how you can be one of the lucky winners!! 

(I was sent these products to review, but the opinions expressed in this post are truthful and my own)

xo, Fran 




  1. My kids are a tad bit past this stage right now but this would have been perfect !!! Love it ! Laci @ Sequins int the South

  2. These are so cute! My littlest is teething right now and it is no fun! I entered the giveaway!! Would love to try it out 🙂

  3. I love that tether, how great for little hands!

  4. Oh this look great! My little one only has 4 teeth so far so I know I’ll be needing more teethers in the future!

  5. I’ll be entering in a minute! Thank you for sharing such a cute brand! My 16 month old just got word at his 15 month appt. that he is cutting his two year molars early, so what a helpful thing this could be!

  6. Love it!!
    She looks very pleased with her new buggie :))
    UGhhh will the teething ever end?!??

  7. I have never seen these – thanks for sharing!

  8. This is pretty cool! :] I think it looks more handy than that sophie the giraffe

  9. My son would LOVE this! What a great idea for baby gums!

  10. My grandson needs this!

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