A Father’s Day tribute

Father’s day is a few days away and I thought I would share a little bit about the “Dada” to the adorable children I was blessed with! (Crazy… But adorable children!)

Happy Father’s Day Mike!

You are: 

  • The good cop to my bad cop
  • The one that worries about every cough and sneeze
  • The one that taught them that burps and farts are hilarious 
  • The one that laughs the loudest at every silly joke
  • The one that can never say no
  • The one that loves singing frozen songs at the top of your lungs
  • The one that’s always there when we need him
  • The one that works so hard everyday to provide for us
  • The first one to jump out of bed when hearing a cry
  • The best breakfast maker
  • The one who we love more than anything
  • The one who made me a mommy
  • The calm to my crazy
  • The one who would give anyone the shirt off of his back
  • The one who we thank god for everyday


Also in preparation for Father’s Day, Frankie answered a few questions about his “Dada” that we’ll present to him on Sunday morning using the Father’s Day printable from Kenzie’s kreations. You can find it here: http://kinzieskreations.blogspot.ca/2012/05/fathers-day-printable.html

Here’s what he had to say:

  • My Dad’s name is :  Mike
  • He is ___ years old :  12
  • He is as big as a  : Giraffe 
  • He has ____ hair : Dark
  • And ______ eyes : Blue
  • His favourite food is : Spicy stuff
  • His favourite colour is : Purple
  • He likes to ____ : Play with me 
  • For fun he likes to : Watch Avengers 
  • My favourite thing to do with my dad: Make Star Wars sets
  • I love my dad because:  We do lots of stuff together and we make funny faces


Happy Father’s Day Mike! 

We love you more than we could ever say! 

xo, Fran  


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