The 4th is strong with this one! (A look back at Frankie’s past birthdays!)

In just a few short weeks Frankie will be turning 4!

He’s growing so fast and there is definitely no baby left in him, he’s 100% big kid! 

Every year we let him pick the theme for his party. Usually it reflects what he is obsessed with at the time. Once his theme is chosen I spend hours on Pinterest! (Honestly thank God for Pinterest, what would I do without it!)

For Frankie’s first birthday, his world revolved around Sesame Street! I went all out with whatever I could think of, even joining in by adding something special to my outfit! 


We had a little candy bar, a cookie that Cookie Monster had bitten, Elmo and Big Bird even made an appearance! He had his own little Cookie Monster smash cake and there were cupcakes in the shape of all the Sesame Street characters for everyone else! 


Look at how small he was….. Sigh!

With his second birthday, we celebrated his new obsession with pirates! Seriously in our house everything was all about pirates! So naturally his party reflected that! 


Of course I couldn’t find any decor I liked, so my sister and I made the banners. The cake was made by my sister, It turned out amazing! It was her first time using fondant!  

The kids had balloon swords, the drinks were stored in a treasure chest cooler and the cup cakes were topped with golden coins! (Way too many pictures to post!)
His shorts even had a pirate pattern on them! I found those 6 months before his birthday ha! 
Last years birthday was all about Lego! 

Of course there are no Lego themed party decorations. Lego superhero yes, Lego Star Wars yes! Just plain Lego.. Nope! 

I made the banner myself, I also had large boxes I covered in paper and made into Lego pieces! (I knew I had a good reason for saving all of those diaper boxes Mike!) the cake was made by a local baker Lola’s Cakery you can find her on Facebook. Isn’t it amazing? We all loved it! 


This year it’s all about Star Wars! 

I’ve begun working on things and so far everything is going great! 

I have started my nightly routine of cutting and pasting, while swearing under my breath. As Mike looks on and shakes his head…. 

I’ll of course be putting together a post once the party happens. I’m constantly posting about all of the party projects I’m working on over on my Instagram account

It’s crazy to me that he’s already turning 4! He’s growing so fast and I hardly remember him so small! 

I used to be glad I only had to throw a party once a year, but now with Emilia I get to have even more “fun” ! 

I really do love going all out for his parties, I love seeing the look on his face and I know when he’s grown up, he’ll appreciate what a cool mom he had back then! 

(But, when he’s grown up, I’ll still be cool then too…..right?)

xo, Fran 



  1. Of course you’ll be cool!! Well maybe uncool from ages 14-19 but then you’ll be cool again!! Haha
    I want to see more photos!! Those birthdays are amazing!
    I can’t wait to see the Star Wars, Frankie is such a cool dude.

    I wasn’t going to go all out for Elliott’s first bday (it’s next week..) but the last couple of days I panicked because I was browsing Pinterest and it made me change my mind!
    Still not going big but I did just drop a small fortune at the dollar store Lololol
    Stay tuned..

  2. For future birthdays I’m just coming back to this post and copying what you do! Hahah

  3. This post is so cute! He is gorgeous 🙂

  4. Wow, you guys have had so many fun themes! I can’t wait to see all the Star Wars party details!
    And that pirate cake is amazing!

  5. Happy birthday Frankie! So adorable!

  6. So cute! We had a Pirate 2nd bday too! 🙂

  7. adorable birthday pictures! Can’t wait to see what the party will look like this year!

  8. mrsegill says:

    This is the cutest little theme ever!!!

  9. Love this cute party!! Absolutely precious!! xo MK

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