Grilled cheese please!! 

Most days around 12pm, I hear little footsteps coming up behind me. “Momma I think it’s lunch time!” Yes Frankie knows when the clock says “twelve- oh-oh” it’s time to eat! 

Although, he does spend most of his days eating lately! (I feel a growth spurt coming on!)

More often than not his request is for grilled cheese! 

I was tired of the same old boring grilled cheese. Usually I eat whatever Frankie eats. It’s easier to make a little extra, rather than make a whole new dish. I was over it! 

I found so many new options on Pinterest that both Frankie and I have tried and loved! (If it’s covered in melted cheese, this boy will not fight me!)

This BLT grilled cheese from Pocketchange Gourmet was AMAZING!!!  Once Frankie got his hands on it, it didn’t stand a chance! 

Find it here:

We love pizza in this house! So how about pepperoni pizza grilled cheese?? 

Kirbie Cravings has this beauty! 


Find it here:

This one!! 

This one was my favourite! I love guacamole soooo much and the combination of cheese, avocado and bacon……. OMG! Closet Cooking made my day! 

Find this beauty here:

I know some might not be into this one! I LOVE Hawaiian pizza! As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to try it out! House of Yumm  blessed my Pinterest feed with this gem! 

Let me tell you, there were no crumbs left on our plates after this one! Try it for yourselves:

I can’t wait to try even more new and fun combinations! These recipes have given me the inspiration I need to put my own twist on a classic lunchtime favourite!

Do you have a special grilled cheese recipe that you love? I’d love to hear it. (And Frankie would love to devour it!)

xo, Fran 



  1. They sound great! As I am a veggie I would substitute the bacon for quorn. How about a quorn chicken tikka and grilled cheese baguette? x

  2. Oh my goodness, I love grilled cheese and have been craving a really good one (although, just cheese butter and bread works for me). I am going to have to try all of these, especially the Hawaiian one, I love Hawaiian pizza! – Annie

  3. mrsbishop707 says:

    We love Pepperoni Pizza grilled cheese!

  4. Oh my these all look amazing! I haven’t had a grilled cheese in forever and now this makes me want one. Thank You for sharing!! I’ll add these to my lists of things to make!

  5. OMG YUMMMM. I love avocado on my grilled cheese too. Even with just eggs and sriracha it works so perfectly.

  6. I LOVE grilled sandwiches. Tomato, bacon, cream cheese and cheddar cheese are so good tasting. I like the idea of the avocado. I also enjoy making tuna melts.

  7. I just ate but let me tell you I’m drooling. Me and the hubby love a good grilled cheese!! Thanks for sharing all these yummy finds.

  8. mshell5604 says:

    I’ve made the BLT inspired grilled cheese before, but these all look and sound dilish! I think I’m going to try that pepperoni pizza grilled cheese first.

  9. Lisa Follmuth says:

    Yes please! This post takes me to heaven. I love the pizza version! How fun!

    ♥ Lisa
    strum simmer sip

  10. Oh for the love of all things cheesy! I’m going to get on top of some of these recipes next weekend when my husband will be back in town!

  11. Oh my word. these all look amazing! That pizza one reminds me of when I was a kid, my parents had one of those sandwich press things, and we used to make those all the time! 🙂

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