Real life heros, for real life kids! Wee Rascals Shop Review + Giveaway!

( Just a little side note, while writing this post I had Mariah Carey’s hero in my head. Feel free to hum along!) 


I first came across Wee Rascals while scrolling through Instagram. I’m always on the look out for new small shops. They always have the most unique items, since I dress my children way better than I dress myself I’m usually searching for kids shops.

At first look Wee Rascals looks like a super cool shop with unique shirts for your little one. 
When you look a little closer, you notice something very different.

They have shirts with superheroes on them, not the kind that sling webs or live in a bat cave. 

The heros on these unique shirts are REAL people who have made a difference in our REAL world. 

When I took a look at their website I found out a little more about the creators of this amazing company.

Liz and Kylie are two moms that wanted something besides the usual superheroes and princesses that graced most of the children’s clothing out there. They wanted a way to inform their kids about the real people who have had an impact on our world.

A way to inspire kids and show them that they can make a difference, even if they weren’t bitten by a rare venomous spider. 

Before I had Emilia I never really thought much about the media’s portrayal of heros. Never really noticed that more often than not men are the ones given this title. Now it’s something I always think about. I want her to grow up knowing that she can do anything a man can do. I want her to be inspired by the women who have made a difference in history and who are doing it right now in the world we live in today!  I was so excited when I noticed Wee rascals has some super women along with their supermen! 

Liz and Kylie were so amazingly generous and sent out a shirt for Frankie.

When it arrived Frankie asked “Who’s that guy?” So we went online and I explained to him, the best way a 4 year old can understand who Gandhi was. It was a fun learning experience for him!

 I’m not going to make an outrageous claim like these shirts have magical powers or anything but while he was wearing his shirt he was very calm and gentle with his sister even volunteering to read her a story so………

In all seriousness, I went on the website and showed him a few of the other heros on the shirts. We talked about who they were and what they did. Surprisingly his favourite story was about Amelia Earhart! He now want his sister to learn how to fly a plane like her and take him around the world! (He’s gonna find her! That’s what he says anyway!)

I’m so thankful that Wee Rascals exists! 

The fact that this one shirt has opened up so many conversations with my child is amazing! He’s learned about people who have fought for what they believed in, people who have dedicated their lives to helping the sick and the poor and people who have entertained audiences with masterpieces that have lived on for centuries! 

It may just be a ‘kids shirt”, it’s so much more to Frankie! 

Thank you Kylie and Liz for thinking outside of the box and doing something different! 

As a fellow parent it means so much to me! 

To order one of these amazing shirts visit:

Follow them on Instagram to keep up with their latest designs and sales,

If you are as in love with these tees as I am, head over to my Instagram account: for the chance to win a $20 store credit to Wee Rascals! Thanks Kylie and Liz!!

xo, Fran 



  1. Wow, these are really cool. Will follow on IG!

  2. These are so cute! I entered!

  3. These are awesome! Love them all. 🙂

  4. yannivlovely says:

    OMG this is so cute!!I Never saw shirts like this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. What an awesome idea. We put so many different things on our kids why not make sure they are positive and true heroes. Love this idea!

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