Frankie’s First Day + Giveaway ! 

So it happened! 

Yesterday Frankie had his first full day of kindergarten.

I have to admit, the night before I didn’t get much sleep. I was worried about how he would handle it. Frankie was never put into daycare and has pretty much spent every day for the last 4 years with me. 

Also the fact that my emotions came into play, replaying the last 4 years in my mind and wondering when my 8 pound 11 ounce new born turned into this big kid! 

We of course did the traditional first day picture!  

first day of school, printables, giveaway

And then headed off to school!  (Doesn’t he look so small with that huge backpack?….. sigh)

When we got to school he ran righ into the school yard to join all the other kids. So much for my sentimental emotional goodbye …..

Yes I did shed a few tears, but I was wearing my sunglasses so my tears were well hidden! 

Seeing Frankie take so well to his surroundings made me feel so much better. (Also helped to prevent more tears!)

Once we were home, it felt pretty strange! 

It was way too quiet. Nap time for Emilia was actually peaceful and wait for it……. I actually laid down with her!!!! Unfortunately the rest of the time when Emilia was awake, she was pretty sad. Constantly looking around in search of her best friend. 

Poor Emilia was not happy! Not to mention our dog sat by the door crying most of the day.

The day did fly by pretty fast. Before I knew it I was waiting by the school yard gate for my big kid! I watched from afar as he played with his new friends. It made me so happy to see him happy! When it was time to go he spotted me and waved from his line, with a huge smile on his face.

He ran right up to Mike, Emilia and I, and almost started crying because he was so happy to see us! On the way home we heard all about his fun day and all of the things he did. He then proudly showed us some of the cool things he worked on!  

All in all he had a great first day! 

Isn’t that first day printable adorable? 

I came across Sandra Ferguson Designs on Etsy, and instantly fell in love with her printables. She creates beautiful prints,birth stats, party invitation, banners and greeting cards! All of which you can instantly print at home. I love supporting local small businesses and this one is only 20 mins from my house! 

Find out more about Sandra’s designs and products on her Facebook page:

In honour of Frankie’s first day I’ve teamed up with Sandra to offer one lucky winner a $10 store credit to her shop! You can put it toward a beautiful keepsake back to school print like the one I got for Frankie, or one of her other beautiful products! 

Head over to my Facebook page: for all of the details! 

I hope everyone else had a successful first day of school! Here’s to a happy and fun school year for all of our little (and not so little) ones! 

xo, Fran 



  1. How cute is he? I entered — pick me, pick me!

  2. Yay to first days of school. I love seeing everyone’s kiddos posted. Makes me a little excited and a little sad about Palmer’s first day (maybe next year for preschool?) Happy weekend, my friend!

  3. Aw, I remember those days. Enjoy each second for they are gone too soon.

  4. Oh my goodness. I am so excited, but also dreadful, of this day for my little ones in a couple years. And that sign is adorbs! Ps. your kiddos have the CUTEST names. Love them!

  5. Ok I have been seeing these cute signs all over my friends’ Facebook pages when their little ones go off to school. I love this one! What a big boy you have 😉

  6. Ashlee S. Barclay says:

    How sweet! I have a13 month old daughter and I’m already emotional about when she’ll head of to school!

  7. What a cutie pie! I am going to have to check out these awesome signs. 🙂

  8. Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie says:

    How sweet! I remember those days! Mine are much older now, but it is still bittersweet to watch them surpass each milestone of childhood! I’m glad he had a great first day!

  9. That is a super cute printable! It was the exact same way when my son went into kindergarten. I remember being so worried about him all day. He did great though and now he loves school!

  10. I loved your post! I can’t imagine what it will be like when my little boy goes to school! Reading your post was like seeing into the future, haha. Sad but exciting as well! I LOVE the printable!

  11. Omg your kids are too cute! So glad he had a good first day…I’m so not ready for that yet…we’re still in mommy & me 😉

  12. Aww Frankie ia absolutely adorable, and so is his little sister! tell him I loved his back pack! I hope he had a great first day at school! =)

  13. How adorable!! You’ve got a beautiful little bunch there! Enjoy them as they grow up way too fast 🙂 🙂 🙂

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