Frankie’s Lunches Week 1 In Review + First Week Update!

So we have come to the end of Frankie’s first week of school! 

On its own it would have been a pretty exciting time, but Frankie decided to add a little more “fun” to the week! 

After dropping him off on his first day, I hadn’t even reached our house while I walked home when my cell phone rang! It was the school, Frankie had fallen and hit his head, he was ok but they would monitor him and update me.

I then got another call at 1:30 saying his head had started to really bleed and I should pick him up and take him to get it checked out! Off we went to the emergency room….


Thankfully he didn’t need stitches, a little glue and he was good as new! (Not to mention he made friends with the nurses in the emergency room and got a Popsicle while he waited to see a doctor )
The rest of the week went by much quieter! 

He came home each day with stories of trips to the library, story time, new friends and crafts! 

I decided to post his week of school lunches, to help some of you who might be in a rut and need some ideas! (Also I know I’ll be coming back to these photos when I’m lost in a few weeks!)

I love this lunch container I found for Frankie, it’s made by Cool gear and has so many perfectly sized compartments. The middle blue tray is a freezer pack that helps organize the smaller containers while keeping everything cool! 



  1. Chicken wrap, carrots and cucumber. Babybel cheese, pear and strawberry fruit salad and a minion cookie treat.
  2. Mini spinach and tomato frittatas (recipe in archives) cheese string, carrots and cucumber. A Mandarin orange and some mini Oreos.
  3. Ham sandwich on a mini ciabatta bun,cheddar cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes with grape and strawberry fruit salad.
  4. Chicken nuggets (left over from dinner) carrots and cucumber. Babybel cheese, grapes, apples slices and a minion cookie.
  5. Ham wrap, cheese string, Mandarin Orange, Annie’s whit cheddar bunny crackers, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

Week one is done! On to the next one. 

Here’s to hoping it won’t be as “eventful”……. We’re slowly starting to get into the swing of things and getting used to these early mornings. A huge change from our “early 8/9 am wake ups and lazy days where we had no plans and did what ever we felt like. Nevertheless, Frankie loves school and is always excited to run (CAREFULLY!!) into the school yard and meet up with his new friends everyday! 

To keep up with what’s for lunch, follow along on Instagram:

Or search the hashtag: #frankieslunchbox

This momma is ready for the weekend! (A nap would be nice too!) 

xo, Fran 



  1. Kathy | Mom Learns To Cook says:

    Glad your little one is okay! The lunches you put together for him are great! I fix up my 1st grader with ones similar in style. The little bento boxes are great. I’m always looking for new ideas of what to put in them.

  2. I love that you’re posting lunches! A lot of this looks good for a toddler, too. I need to play around and see what she’ll actually eat. =)

  3. corisbigmouth says:

    Yikes! What a crazy start to your week! Happy to hear Frankie is okay! Your lunches look delicious and fun, I may need to copy some of these for me! TFS!

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