Halt Threads Shop Review

As you know I’m always on the look out for new and unique shops, that I love to share with you all! 

I was so lucky to come across Halt Threads and it’s amazing creator Tracey! Her shirts are adorable, great quality and super comfy.

She has a wide variety of styles and designs, but there was one thing I really noticed and loved. Every style was gender neutral. There are no “boys” or “girls” designs. She doesn’t forget about the Momma’s out there either! All of the designs are available in short sleeves, raglan and sweatshirt styles so your cool kids can rock their shirts all year long!  So many amazing designs and styles, makes it hard for this shopaholic mom to control herself! 

The shirts are also very affordable. I know that’s a huge factor when I’m looking for a place to shop! With this shop you won’t be spending a fortune but your kids will look like a million bucks!

Tracey was so kind and sent a shirt for Frankie to “review” little did we know that soon after the arrival of his new cool shirt, he would be making his first trip to the E.R. I guess she picked out the right shirt ha ha! 


The shirts themselves are super soft and comfortable. There were no complaints from the kid who likes to wear nothing but superhero shirts so I guess it gets the Frankie stamp of approval! 

It’s super easy to wash and the quality definitely holds up! No fading or shrinking at all (It’s already been through the wash multiple times and still looks brand new) It’s survived many a juice and paint stain. With this guy in school now his clothes definitely take a beating! 

I love supporting, small unique shops. I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on his shirt! If you want adorable, great quality and super cool shirts for your little ones (and you mamas too!) Check out Halt Threads http://haltthreads.storenvy.com 

Keep up with their latest designs, sales and shop updates on their Instagram account: https://instagram.com/haltthreads/

So happy to share this great shop with you! 

Check them out,

xo, Fran 

( I was sent this shirt at no cost for the purpose of review. As always these are opinions are my own and the truth.)