Making Learning Fun ! Curiosity Pack: Letters Review

With Frankie starting Kindergarten this year, it was really important to me that he be well prepared. We practiced his numbers, colours and letters almost daily. 

He would soon get bored, lose interest and want to stop. By the time September rolled around we were prepared, but I really wished things had been easier. 

I came across Curiousity Pack one day while on the instagram . Their cute little monsters grabbed my attention right away. A lot of new products like to claim to make learning easier and fun, and I’ll tell you the truth…. They don’t ! They lose their novelty pretty quickly, being tossed aside in the VERY large pile of workbooks and games we have in our living room! 

I contacted Lily, the creator Curiousity Pack to learn more about her products and she generously sent me a Letters pack for Frankie and I to review! 

First a little background on Lily.

She makes it her life’s mission to inspire a love of learning. After 7 years of teaching kindergarten and first grade she had her daughter and realized the power of parents! 

“I believe that parents make the biggest difference in the lives of our children. We have the powers to inspire and help our students persevere to learn, grow and accomplish great things”

She stands by what I have always said, learning starts at home. When you read, write, sing songs, colour, or play games with your child. They are learning. You are building the foundation for their schooling, and giving them a great head start. 

When we received our pack, I would have to say I was just as excited as Frankie was! 

Our kit contained:

  • All about letters activity book
  • Alphabet card game
  • Alphabet poster
  • Laminated hide-and-seek alphabet picture and marker

First of all how cute does it look?!

Right away Frankie couldn’t wait to dive into it. (Already a great sign!)

The kit also comes with some instructions and ideas on how to use everything. It has some fun game ideas, but I love that these products are so versatile that we were free to make things up as we went along! 

The laminated hide and seek page was the first thing we did. Frankie found all of the letters pretty quickly. I thought it would have been a “one shot” kind of thing, but he now loves to do it over and over again trying to do it faster each time! 

The work book has so many fun matching and drawing games. It also includes tradition letter tracing, (which Frankie used to hate doing most of all!) He now does them no problem! The instructions explain the technique to drawing the letter, and the sound each one makes so easily! There’s no more “I can’t do it, I don’t know how!” The instructions lay it out perfectly while still making it fun. It feels more like a game than a lesson.

Now to Frankie’s favourite part of the pack, The cards! 

He loves those little monsters and the crazy things they’re doing!

  His Favourite game goes like this:

  1. Separate the cards into two piles, one with all of the letters one with the monsters.
  2. Spread the monster out face up onto the floor.
  3. As you go through the letter cards match up the letter to the object the monster has in the picture. (M – magnifying glass, R- rainbow)
  4. continue until all of the cards are gone.

This is just one of the ways you can use these cards, the possibilities are truly endless. I’m being completely honestly when I say, Frankie’s asks to play with these cards everyday after school! 

I really wish we would have come across Curiousity Pack sooner. 

Even though Frankie already knows his letters, this pack is helping him continue his learning and have fun. We’re moving on to the sounds the letters make and perfecting our writing skills. This pack will definitely go a long way! 

To learn more about Curiousity Pack and Lily visit

For every 10 packs sold one will be donated to a child in need! How great is that? 

You can also keep up to date on all of the latest news by following them on Instagram:

If you want to try out this fun new way to learn, Lily is making it even more irresistible! (As if those adorable monsters weren’t making you love it already!)

She’s offering  30% off any order to my readers! 

Type in the code: HHLOVE  at check out from the Curiousity Pack store:

I love spreading the word to fellow parents about new products that our family loves! Curiousity  Pack is definitely one of our new favourites! 

xo, Fran 

(I was sent this product at no cost for the purpose of review. As always these opinions are my own and true.) 



  1. this looks like so much fun!

  2. Love it!!

  3. rachliz628 says:

    Oh my goodness! We need to try these!!

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