Our Elf on the shelf welcome breakfast and weekly recap!

This is the 3rd year that we’ve welcomed our elf Rupert from the North Pole! 

Frankie loves getting up every morning to discover what our little Friend has been up to while he’s been fast asleep. This year since Frankie has a little sister, (and Target had a great Boxing Day sale last year…) Rupert decided to bring along his sister Ruby! 

December 1st usually means the arrival of our little Elven friend. Since this year it fell on a Monday and it was a school day, we decided to push it back to the next weekend. 

You can’t welcome visitors without a fun breakfast full of Christmassy pancakes, candy, Christmas crackers and presents…. Right?? 

Ain’t nobody got time for that the morning of a school day! 

We always have a welcome breakfast and for these special mornings, the dollar store is my bff!


The Christmas crackers, candy, reindeer headgear and adorable chair covers all came from there!

Truth be told, I usually start gathering things starting in November. Our elves like to bring little treats on some mornings and we learned the hard way not to wait until the last minute! 

Our welcome breakfast was a little rushed this year, we had a Christmas party to go to so we had to get a move on. We did however enjoy our Christmas pancakes made by Mike and may or may not have eaten a little too much of the candy….


Now a recap of all of the Fun we’ve had with our elves this week! 


  1. Our friends arrived
  2. Our Christmas pancakes
  3. Two happy little reindeer ready for fun!
  4. Rupert and Ruby took a little drive to go see everyone Christmas lights! (That’s what Frankie said when he saw them!)
  5. Caught in the act, stealing our cookies!
  6. Do you wanna build a snowman? No snow no problem, they still found a way!
  7. Stealing our treats from the advent calendar.
  8. We had a busy day planned, these guys didn’t want to miss all the fun!
  9. Silly faces! Frankie wasn’t feeling very well but these funny disguises and fun activity book helped to cheer him up!

For more Elf on the shelf fun and ideas follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #RupertandRuby2015 for past year’s fun and games check out #Rupertelf2014 and #Rupertelf2013

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf in your home? 

I’d love to see and hear your Elf ideas!!




  1. We love our elf. It’s the first year that I’ve had to really move it around. Love the clementine idea!

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