“The Bad Person….”

“Mom, today we had a lockdown!”

(My blood runs cold, I can’t hear anything, I’m literally frozen!)

Me: “You what?”
Frankie ” Ya we practiced, what to do if a bad person came!”

(Ok, now I can breath again..)

He then proceeded to show me how they were told to get into their cubby, sit crossed legged and be very quiet!

“The teacher turns off the lights and locks the door! If the bad person looks into the room they won’t see us!” I guess in light of recent events it was time to review these procedures.

The Bad Person….

Growing up in school we regularly had fire drills, when I was Frankie’s age they really gave me a lot of anxiety. I knew they were just practice and I was safe but they still freaked me out!

I know shootings and abductions still happened back then, For the most part we were pretty sheltered from it. In elementary school my biggest fear was getting lice!
(Seriously, my hair was the same then at it is now and that nit comb really hurts! Also there was now way I was chopping off my hair! Are you crazy!!)

After becoming a mother, I turned into the most paranoid person you’ve ever met! Every stranger was a threat to my family. I would stare down anyone who even looked at my child. 

Neither of my children went to daycare, I was blessed to be able to stay home and care for them.When the day came for Frankie to start school, every worst case scenario ran through my head. Every news story of a lost child, school shooting, bus crash you name it I thought about it!

The world has changed so much since I was younger, it’s still changing everyday! All you have to do is turn on the news every night for your proof. Kids can’t be as sheltered as we once were.

While it sickens me to think of why there is a need for these lockdown drills, I’m so thankful they exist! 

Although, thankfully  he doesn’t seem to give the drills a second thought. 

I wish he went to school in a world where his biggest concern was who he’ll be playing with at recess, instead of learning what to do if The bad person comes. 

I know I might sound delusional, but I wish the world was simpler. I wish the light of many could drown out the darkness of a few. I choose to believe that we can help those in need and put a stop to the horrible things going on in cities and towns just like mine.  

For the sake of our children

xo, Fran