Goodbye 2015!

With the start of 2016 I keep finding myself saying “Wow, that year really flew by!”

The truth is, it really did! 

We had so much going on and made so many new memories. Frankie started school, Emilia became so much more independent, now she’s on the move and things are so much busier around here! 

This year we celebrated some big milestones, Emilia’s baptism and first birthday along with the engagement of my younger sister. Mike and I also celebrated 7 years of marriage!! Not to mention all of the other holiday madness that comes during the year! 

I turned 30 and shared some things I never thought I would have the courage to talk about. I shared the story of my journey to motherhood. The losses we suffered were hard to relive, but the messages of love and support I received after sharing it were amazing! So many people going through the same thing knew they weren’t alone, if somehow that brought them some peace it makes my heart so full! 

Thank you to The Mother Effin Truth Blog for giving me the opportunity to share my story! You can find my guest post here:

The blog had a growth spurt, I worked with so many amazing companies and small businesses! I also made such great connections with fellow bloggers and readers.

 I think that’s the thing I’m most proud of. I started this as a place to connect with others, to find people to relate to. To share my life with others, to know I’m not alone on the bad days and share my happiness on the good days! I really feel like I’ve done that through all of my social media platforms and I can’t wait to share even more with you all!  Sometimes life isn’t so “picture perfect!” I love that I can share these times with you all without judgement.

Through blogging I even had the chance to appear on T.V! I was contacted by Jeunesse from Rogers Tv’s Daytime Dish! It was so much fun, even though I may or may not have been completely freaking out about it the night before! We discussed celebrity baby names and I honestly had a blast! You can catch the segment here, feel free to watch it a million times just like the members of my family have! Ha ha! (They’re my biggest fans, and all kidding aside I’m so thankful for their support!)

Along with the appearance I got to do a guest post on Jeunesse’s blog where I wrote a fun little letter to my “pre mommy” self!

This year my New Years resolution is to put myself out there more, to be more confident in myself and be brave! 

I realized that I do have something to offer and some people might just want to hear what I have to say! 

You can find more of the guest posts I’ve had the pleasure of doing and their links on my Facebook page! 

I feel a little sad saying goodbye to the past year. As a mom I think it’s hard to watch the time fly by so fast often not knowing where it all goes, but 2016 is going to be great, I can just feel it! 

I hope you’ll all come along for the ride, I can’t wait to share all the fun that’s in store! 

From my family to yours, we wish you a Happy new year, filled with happiness, love, fun and good health!


xo, Fran  


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