“Cowabunga Dudes!” Ninja Turtles party details (Part 1)

Every year Frankie has a new obsession!

Parents you know what I’m talking about….

With each passing year there the new “cool” show or movie that seems to take over everything!

This year it’s all about TMNT.

Thankfully I turned to my trusted BFF Pinterest, who had no shortage of “Totally Radical!” ideas. (do they still talk like that? Or was that just on the 90’s version? I’ll have to ask Frankie…)

This year we’ll be having 2 separate parties one with his friends. This party will be at a local grocery store who have cooking classes! At this party Frankie and his friends will get to make their own pizza’s and decorate some cupcakes to bring home!

The second party will be the usual family pool party we have at my in laws house.

So I’ve broken these posts up into a few different parts! I’m so excited to share all the fun projects and little details going into these parties!

I found the idea and tutorial to make these awesome “sewer grates” on Pinterest. I’m actually really proud of my end result. (They don’t look as good as the original, which you can find Here .) Nevertheless I love them!

I’m also super lucky to find local Canadian small shops that make amazing products! Seriously this party would be nothing without them!

ninja turtles party

My VERY talented cousin has started his own graphic design business which you can find here  He’s done the invitations for every birthday party we’ve had. (Also my new logo, business cards and Facebook design are all thanks to him!)

He knows once the summer rolls around, it’s time for some fun and is always excited to get to work on the new theme! This year he came through BIG TIME with our pizza menu style invitations and these personalized stickers for our Loot Bag pizza boxes! Seriously how amazing are they!

I Also found an amazing small business that makes excellent quality and adorable masks!  4 D Farms is AWESOME!! They have such a large variety of designs, reasonably priced and fantatsic customer service!

I know the kids will absolutly love their masks!

Ninja Turtles party

Besides the masks, the kids will get some other goodies!

Included in a valupack I purchased were

  • noisemakers
  • spinning tops
  • a watch game
  • keychain

Then I also added:

  • Matching boucey balls
  • Ninja stars
  • Turtle ooze
  • CANDY of course (including gummy pizzas and TOXIC WASTE candy!)

Everything is coming together!

I can’t wait to see it all done! (Also, to get some rest! This mama has been on the go!)

Check back in for some other project I’m working on with Items you can find at your local dollar store!

For now I’m back to work!







  1. caseyp1110 says:

    So cute! Love the sewer serving platter idea!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I totally know what you mean about the latest obsession. This year for my son’s 4th birthday party we are doing a Lightning McQueen theme. It’s ALL he talks and thinks about. Good luck with the party, and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Oh my nephews would LOVE this so much! They are all about TMNT! I mean They even go by the names Ha… Too cute .. My youngest is all about the Wonder Pets Sigh…

  4. Oh I love a good theme party, and your man hole cover is so creative!

  5. This is perfection!! My kid loves TMNT even though shes a girl! She would flip over this party!!

  6. So fun. My son loves ninja turtles!!!

  7. This looks like so much fun!!! Colton loves ninja turtles!!

    Amber | http://www.everydaydame.com

  8. Those sewer grates! Awesome! We just did a dino theme party, but this would have been super fun, too!

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