Capturing Special Moments with Bellatrix Photography

We make a point to get pictures taken every year.

Our family loves getting new photos of the kids and I’m always amazed, and if I’m being completely honest a little sad at how much these kids change in only one year!

When Cami from Bellatrix Photography contacted me through Instagram I absolutely fell in love with her work and jumped at the chance to have her photograph Frankie and Emilia!

If you are in Toronto or the GTA you need to get in contact with her! She was so great with the kids. It was a little chilly that day and Emilia had just woken up from a dreaded car nap, she didn’t want me out of her sight all day! Cami was so patient with her and soon enough had her smiling and chatting in no time!

Frankie on the other hand was a pro lol! 5 years of experience living with a blogger mom he knows the drill! The pictures are all breath taking and Cami’s work speaks for itself. You can learn more about our chilly morning together by checking out her Blog post !

See more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages!

Frankie has grown so much this past year. There is definitely no baby left in him. Everyday he seems older to me, not to mention the sassy attitude that comes along with being 5 going on 16! He has such a laid back style, he loves wearing clothes that make him look like a “cool guy”. He’s a ham and loves any and all attention, he definitely shines when the spotlight is on him!

Emilia is a girly girl to the core….. with a side of UFC fighter, if you make the mistake of getting on her bad side! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing. People told me time flys by faster with the second child and boy! They weren’t lying! She is still my little baby, wanting cuddles at nap time and never wanting to be too far away from me. I cant wait to see her personality grow as the years pass.


I know I’m so blessed to have both of these little maniacs in my life.They love each other so much. Their bond grows stronger every day and I absolutely love watching them together.

I think getting photos taken is such an important tradition. Professionally taken or not, its a chance to look back on a specific time in your life, having a million memories come flooding back to you!

I could never thank Cami enough for capturing these and so many more amazing moments for us! (seriously there were so many it was hard to narrow it down!)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be crying in my coffee while I look through these pictures wondering where the time has gone!