Emilia’s Farm Party

I can’t believe how quickly these two kids are growing up! I feel like I blinked and Emilia turned 2!

She has such a huge love for animals, I knew long before the big day that her theme would revolve around them!

I had such fun planning her farm themed party and even included some special surprise guests!


Photo over load ahead!!


Emilia’s Tutu was made by the local Mini pixies !

Her shirt and shoes were made by my hero and the lady that ALWAYS comes through for me, bringing my visions to life! Jade from Wiggly Feet !

The snack table was so fun to decorate. we used some burlap to give the table a more “farm like” look.  We also used a pallet from my husband’s work to give it a little extra height!

The banner was made of burlap and letters I cut out of a red bandanna. I found “metal” bowls at the local dollar store, along with some farm animal friends. The cutlery buckets were a steal from IKEA at only $1.99!


For snacks we had:

  • Wood chips (potato chips)
  • Chicken feed (popcorn)
  • Tractor parts (bits and bites / chex mix)
  • Hay bales (rice crispy treats)
  • Tractor tires (mini donuts)
  • Fruits and Veggies from “Emilia’s Garden”
  • Cow pies (brownies)

After guests arrived and enjoyed some snacks, it was time for our surprise visitors to arrive! We hired a local petting zoo company to pay us a visit and bring us some little critter friends to join in the fun!

(As much as I would have loved to have farm animals, I had to reign myself in since we were having the party at my in laws house and I didn’t want my father in law to think I was any crazier than he already thinks I am…. lol)

We had so much fun with the animals and I loved seeing Emilia’s eyes light up as soon as the first “friend” appeared!

Can I just take a minute to be completely honest?

Two of our little “friends’ cough…. the snake and the tarantula !!! This mama was not a fan of and was seriously freaking her freak ! (on the inside at least!)

Honestly, look at these two! Who’s fearless kids are these?? Because I’m telling you, both Mike and I were Squirming!

Everyone including the adults were completely focused on the animals! It was a blast for all ages!

After our fun visit it was time for cake and to blow out the candles!

All in all it was a great day! We are so blessed to have so many amazing family members and friends that love our children so much! I’m so happy they were there to share Emilia’s special day with us!

I’m also super thankful that you stuck through this post with an over load of farm fun photos!

xo, Fran



  1. You are such an amazing Mama putting this all together!! So creative. Well done.
    You are creating such fantastic memories for your kiddos.

  2. This was an awesome party! Love the snake! Haha! Your father in law didn’t think you were crazy for that? Lol 😅 what a blast!

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