Love Your Charcuterie With San Daniele and Riserva Salami + Giveaway 

Charcuterie board mastro


Growing up in my Italian family, charcuterie boards weren’t some huge trend. To be honest I had never even heard the term charcuterie before !

What did we call it?

That’s easy, Sunday lunch at Nonna’s house!

They are the perfect spread for family gatherings, game nights or just a casual Sunday at home. While they can look complicated and overwhelming to assemble, they’re really not! The more simple the better, Follow my easy steps and you’ll have a delicious selection that you wont be able to stop snacking on!

  • The center piece of this whole ensemble is of course THE MEAT !! With Mastro you’re never short on selection. The variety is amazing, spicy, mild, or even infused with so many new and delicious flavors there’s something for everyone. Ideally you’ll want to have two or three different kinds of cured meats.

Mastro Charcuterie

I included:

  •  San Daniele prosciutto
  • Mastro Genoa Salami
  • Riserva smoked paprika salami
  • Riserva chianti wine and fennel salami

These new Riserva Salami varieties are so amazing! There is also roasted garlic one that is definitely next on my list to try!


  • Next you’ll add some bread, bread sticks, crackers or flat breads.

It’s nice to have something to add a little crunch. I used a baguette, some black olive bread sticks and some sun dried tomato croistini. People also can use the bread to make sandwiches. Bread is definitely a charcuterie must!

  • Say Cheese!!!

Who doesn’t love cheese?

Cheese is the perfect compliment to these cured meats! A variety small variety will give your guests the option of trying different parings to see which ones they like best! You don’t have to go overboard with fancy cheeses, pick whatever you like !



I added:

  • Cocktail bocconcini
  • Marbled cheddar cheese (my kids favorite)
  • A cream cheese ring covered in sweet and spicy peppers


  • Garnishes! More is more!

Just like when you make a pizza, the toppings are the finishing touch to your masterpiece! Again, you don’t have to get too fancy! Often just taking a walk through the condiment section or olive bar will give you so much inspiration! These are all family favorite snacks and were no brainers to include in our house!

  • Pimento olives
  • Cream cheese stuffed jalapenos
  • Sweet gherkins
  • Pickled peppers
  • Marinated artichokes
  • Sun dried tomatoes


  • Fruit for thought

The addition of fruit balances out the saltiness of the meat and garnishes. Figs and apricots are great go to additions. Again, don’t get too fancy. If you like it use it!Charcuterie

These steps will insure a delicious and gorgeous charcuterie spread that everyone will love!

If you want to give it a go and put together your own charcuterie, Mastro and I have teamed up to get you started!

You can’t have a delicious spread without including San Daniele proscuitto Canada’s #1 Brand! Don’t forget to try out the new Riserva Salami in Roasted Garlic, Chianti Wine and Fennel and Smoked Paprika flavors!

I’m giving one lucky follower their own genuine maple wood charcuterie board, two packs of Mastro sliced meats and Two coupons for a pack of sliced meat!

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 This is a sponsored post, as always the opinions expressed are true and my own.