Creamy Avocado Pasta Sauce

creamy avocado pasta

My name is Francesca and I’m addicted to avocados….

Anything I can add them to, I definitely do! 

Seriously, I love them so much!

In this I recipe paired them with just a few fresh ingredients and had a delicious pasta sauce the whole family loved!
This recipe came out of one of those days when you are in desperate need to go grocery shopping and need to make a quick dinner. Honestly,I think some of the best meals come out of those days!

It doesn’t take a bunch of fancy ingredients to make something delicious, and this sauce is proof of that.

This sauce was served with 2 Cups of cooked pasta (whichever you choose)

  • 2 Ripe avocados pitted and peeled
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • 3 Large leaves of basil
  • 1/4 Cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 Cloves of garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. While your pasta is cooking, combine all ingredients in a food processor .
  2. Mix until you reach your desired consistency, I prefer it creamier but a chunkier sauce would be good too!
  3. Adjust taste with more salt and pepper if you prefer.
  4. Toss your pasta and sauce together right after draining your pasta. While pasta is still hot.

It’s fresh taste is amazing and my kid’s loved the green colour of the sauce! Frankie said it looked like ninja turtle ooze (I promise it doesn’t!!!) 

Whatever makes them eat dinner right..?

(kid’s are weird lol!)





  1. I’m addicted to avocados and alfredo!!

  2. You had me at avocado!

  3. This is right up my alley! So going to give this a try!

  4. Creamy pasta is my downfall. Creamy Avocado pasta well I could probably eat a huge bowl full.

  5. Onlygirl4boyz says:

    I love anything with avocado!! Thanks for sharing this

  6. This looks so good — love avocado everything!

  7. I *LOVE* anything avocado. I am going to pin this to make this week!

  8. Like you I LOVE anything with avocado and I can not wait to try this! This looks so delicious!

  9. Ok…this looks amazing and I will definitely be giving it a try.

  10. This sounds so amazing!!! I can’t have pasta right now, but I think I might try this on top of zucchini noodles:)

  11. Ash @ Spit Up and Sit Ups says:

    Yum! Do you think the Parmesan is necessary? My son has a milk allergy but I think this would be right up his alley!

  12. This looks so yummy!!

  13. Oooh! I LOVE avocado sauce on everything! I am sure the parmesan adds some serious yumminess! Thanks for sharing! Definitely trying this one out!

  14. I love avocado, and my daughter too so this is going to be for lunch tomorrow.

  15. I’m addicted too but I’ve never tried a pasta sauce! Yum

  16. This sounds so good and easy which is exactly what I want on a busy weeknight. Yum!

  17. This sounds SO good! I would have never of thought to make a pasta sauce out of avacados! I can’t wait to try it!

  18. jeeyoung | life + style says:

    I am obsessed with avocados!!!! This looks amazing!

  19. This looks like a great recipes. I’ll have to try it!

  20. “Ninja Turtle Ooze” I’m literally laughing out loud. Kids are the BEST! Love avocados and this looks good!

  21. I’m also addicted to avocados and will try this with my own family!

  22. Looks easy and good – going to have to try this one!

  23. I’m a huge fan of avocados as well, this sounds delish!

  24. Oh, yeah! Desperately put together meals often become the best. I love this, so simple and easy for a quick meal. My kids would even love this, so double win! thanks, pinning this.

  25. I haven’t tried avocado pasta but it looks awesome and delicious!

  26. sevenrosesblog says:

    Avocados are life =D I love to mix them with nutritional yeast and black pepper for a Vegan-friendly, creamy sauce ♥

  27. Haha I love what your kid said about the ninja turtles. This looks really yummy!

  28. I love avocados and I have been wanting to try a pasta recipe like this.. thanks for sharing!

  29. Avocados usually aren’t usually my favorite. But pasta is…. You may have just made me an avocado lover!

  30. Oh my gosh, I’m addicted to avocados too! Too bad I’m the only one in my family…. or is it? This looks delicious!

  31. I wish I would have seen this a few days before, I could have made this for my wife for valentine’s. Will have to save it for later, thanks for sharing.

  32. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen says:

    This would make an easy pasta dish for a quick lunch. It’s a great alternative for pesto or even jarred sauces.

  33. This looks fantastic!!! I love avocados too!

  34. I’ve never thought of using avocado in a pasta sauce, but this looks incredible!

  35. How interesting! This is definitely a combo I’ve never thought of – sounds good though!

  36. This sounds absolutely AMAZING! I need to add this to my list for next week!

  37. Wow Cant wait to try this myself, it looks great! I truly enjoyed this post thanks for sharing xx

  38. certifiedpastryaficionado says:

    Love this idea! Avocados are so creamy so it’s the perfect addition to this pasta dish. Genius!

  39. this sounds SO good! Seriously, I cannot wait to make it next week for dinner.

  40. This sounds delicious! I’m thinking it’s gonna make an appearance in my kitchen this weekend 🙂

  41. I tried this a few months ago and I fell in LOVE! I looove avocados, so I was obsessed with this. Such a great recipe!

  42. Gennifer Rose says:

    I am addicted to avocados too! I wish a bowl of this pasta could magically appear in front of me right now 🙂

    Gennifer Rose |

  43. We can be bffs because I’m addicted to avocados too!

  44. My daughter loves avocado and we have an avocado tree, so we will have to try this for sure!

    Chelsea ||

  45. ruthieridley says:

    Oh my gosh!! I want to make this tonight!! YUM!!

  46. My mom would love this! I’m not a fan of avocado, but she loves it! Sharing this with her for sure!

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