Valentine DIY “Punch a Prize” Game

As soon as we had kids, Valentine’s Day became mostly about them!

Don’t get me wrong… I’ll never refuse chocolates or a bouquet of flowers… but!

We’ve started celebrating our little loves and our family on the day, instead of just Mike and I as a couple.

We get the kids a little treat, nothing too big! Some sweet treats, heart glasses are a must and I couldn’t resist those little antennas!

Valentine’s Day punch game

I thought it would be fun, to make a little game out of them getting their treats!

I put together this super easy punch game!

The kids loved taking turns and collecting their goodies!

Valentine’s Day Punch game

I paid a visit to our local dollar store and grabbed some:

  • Tissue paper
  • Red paper cups
  • A large foam poster board
  • Assorted candy
  • Valentine’s Day stamps

I planned out my heart shape on the board first. Then I filled the cups with treats.

After that I covered each cup with tissue paper, glued it down, and trimmed the edges.

Valentine’s Day punch game

Once it was all dry we were ready to go!

The kids actually loved taking turns picking a spot, punching the paper and discovering what was inside!

Valentine’s Day punch game

I honestly don’t know who loved it more, Mike and I… or the kids!

The fact that there was no fighting and we got to enjoy a cup of coffee while it was still hot, might make us the real winners! Ha!

Valentine’s Day punch game

This will definitely be something we’ll be doing next year!

It was such a simple project, that delivered huge smiles and laughs! Considering everything came from the dollar store, I’d say it was a huge Momwin!

Don’t take my word for it!

Just look at those smiles!

Valentine’s Day Punch game