The cutest Halloween lunch ideas for little ones!

Halloween is right around the corner!

Searching Pinterest for fun snack ideas for your little ones can be super intimidating! So many steps and things you might not already have around the house!

Today I’m sharing the easiest ideas for your little ones lunch, that are both yummy and delicious! Seriously, easy doesn’t even do it justice!

Guaranteed to be a hit this spooky season, and one lunch you won’t have beg them to eat!

Halloween lunch ideas for kids

  • Ghost banana! All you need is a banana, three chocolate chips any you have a spooky little ghost! A healthy treat your kids will love!
  • Spider sandwich! Take two regular slices of bread, and cut into circles using a cookie cutter. Fill with your child’s favorite meat or cheese. Assemble and place pretzel sticks in the sides for legs. Finish off with some candy eyes!
  • Mummy juice box! Take your favorite juice box. (We love Allen’s Apple juice!) Wrap with white streamers and place two googled eyes And voila!!! A spooky and refreshing treat
  • Jack-o-lantern clementines! Draw your spookiest or funniest face on your citrus fruit and just wait for the lunchtime laughs!
  • Monster cheese snack! Take your fave wax covered cheese snack and creat a ferocious or funny snack monster!

These lunch box add ins are sure to be ones that your kids love!

Perfect for school and home lunches! Big reactions from a few simple steps! You can be a Pinterest parent without breaking the bank, or stressing out and no one will be the wiser!

Happy Halloween!

xo, Fran