Revive Smoothies, Making healthy options easy!

So, I’ve said it a million times….

I want to be healthier in the new year!

The only problem is, I’m super lazy you guys!

The idea of being healthier and making smarter choices is awesome to me. The thought of all the prep that I’d have to do … not so much!

Revive smoothies

That’s why I’ve been loving Revive Superfoods smoothies. They take all the work out of it for you! Delivering healthy, delicious smoothies right to your door!

The ingredients are all there for you in the cup it comes in. All you do is add the liquid of your choice, blend and pour back into the cup! Grab your reusable straw and enjoy!

Revive smoothies

You can take it with you on the go, while making minimal dishes for you to wash later! Total Momwin if you ask me!

I love that all the ingredients are clearly listed on the side, so you know exactly what’s in each one. They’re also dairy free , Gluten free, plant based and have no added sugar! Which is perfect for family members with dietary restrictions.

They have plans and flavors to suit everyone. Choose monthly or weekly delivery and have healthy delicious smoothies delivered right to your door!

My top three faves:

  • Hazy coco
  • Strawberry zen
  • Pink dragon

Honestly though it was hard to pick just three!

Revive smoothies

Join me in being healthier this holiday season! (While still being kind of lazy… lol!)

Head over to Revive Superfoods and use the code: FRAN60 to save 60% off your first order!



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