Valentine’s Day “Charcuterie” and other fun ways to celebrate the “Love-ly” day!

February is finally here!

I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day… ( I know, I know! )

I just feel like we should show love the other 364 days a year! While I don’t, “LOVE” the day, we do make it fun for our little ones! They’re always gonna be my little valentines!

We always have a family dinner and I try to make some fun treats and activities like last year’s Valentines Day Punch Game!

Valentine’s Day punch game

This year we put together a super fun “charcuterie” board! Just scratch the meat and cheese and add your favorite Valentine’s Day treats! It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert!

Valentine’s Day charcuterie

We also added a little “love potion” by dressing up our favorite Allen’s Apple juice boxes for the big day!

Valentine’s Day juice box

For another fun treat, all you need is three ingredients:

  • Icing
  • Teddy bear cookies
  • Candy hearts

With those 3 things you’ve got everything you need to make these super LOVE-ly bears!

Valentine’s Day treats

Have a roll of refrigerator cinnamon rolls? These are a family favorite that are so simple to make!

Simply unroll the cinnamon roll and reshape into a heart shape. Bake according to package instructions And voila!!!

Valentine’s Day cinnamon rolls

There you have it!

A few super simple ways to show your little and maybe not so little valentines… Some LOVE this Valentine’s Day!