Super Easy Play Dough!

During Frankie’s first year of school we all had a turn making the class play dough.

It just so happened, our turn was the week of Valentine’s Day. So of course we made ours pink and shaped it onto a heart!

Well, that first year turned into a little bit of a tradition in our house.

So each year we whip up a batch of this super easy dough and I think it’s something we both look forward to!

So here’s the super easy recipe, Frankie’s teacher shared with me. Now it’s all yours!

Mix up some with your little Valentine this weekend!

  • A few drops of food colouring (colour of your choice)
  • 2 1/2 cups of flour
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 1 tbsp cream of tartar
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 2 cups boiling water
  1. Combine all dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients.
  2. Mix with a spoon. It will seem very sticky at first, but will be perfect once cooled!
  3. Refrigerate 1 hour, knead until smooth. This

Store in a plastic container or ziplock bag.




Mother’s Day Lunch Recap

For the last few years, Mike and I decided we would host Mother’s Day. Usually my Mom and Mother in law divide up the holidays and host them.

I hated the thought of them working and serving us kids, on the one day that was meant to celebrate them! This year held even more sentimental value, since it would be our last gathering at our house, before we move.

I’m going to be completely honest with you.

This year my prep was surrounded with chaos! I had a completely different backdrop that came crashing down the night before. Ripping and crumpling everything on it except those balloons!

simple mothers day backdrop

So, thank goodness for my hording! I had found this wrapping paper I had originally bought on boxing day for 50% off! I picked it up looked at Mike and said “I can probably use this for something….” Boy did it ever come in handy!

I made those paper flowers using one of the many tutorials on Pinterest and Voila! A cute Backdrop for under $10!

I was so lucky to have teamed up with Joonie and Joe party shop! Their cups, straws, plates and cutlery from their Goddess collection added the perfect finishing touches to the table!

The gold, and rose pink added the perfect feminine touches, while the marble plates gave everything a more formal feel! (without the fear of breakable plates!)

mothers day

Through social media I’ve connected with some amazing local ladies who are the most talented bakers I’ve ever met! These adorable cupcakes are by Cupcakes and Studmuffins  Can we talk about that gold leaf detail! Those beautiful cookies were made by Dream Day Party Events & Co I’ve never seen cookies so beautiful! The attention to detail is amazing! With both desserts I left the finished products to them. I told them the color scheme and these are what they came with!  They were almost too good to eat, I say almost because I was left with zero sweet treats by the time everyone left. Safe to say they were delicious!

mothers day

I finished the table off with a white table cloth, and by alternating some gold and pink large doilies to act as a runner down the table. Again a simple idea from my hoard!

We served a delicious lunch from the grill with delicious sides and my Moscato Wine Punch !mothers day

I think people get so caught up with making things “picture perfect” and I definitely panicked when all my hard work came crashing down! Honestly what that day taught me was less is definitely more.

No matter what the table looked like, or how the food tasted. It was about showering the ladies we love most with our love and appreciation!

(But everything did look pretty good, if I do say so myself….)




Emilia’s Farm Party

I can’t believe how quickly these two kids are growing up! I feel like I blinked and Emilia turned 2!

She has such a huge love for animals, I knew long before the big day that her theme would revolve around them!

I had such fun planning her farm themed party and even included some special surprise guests!


Photo over load ahead!!


Emilia’s Tutu was made by the local Mini pixies !

Her shirt and shoes were made by my hero and the lady that ALWAYS comes through for me, bringing my visions to life! Jade from Wiggly Feet !

The snack table was so fun to decorate. we used some burlap to give the table a more “farm like” look.  We also used a pallet from my husband’s work to give it a little extra height!

The banner was made of burlap and letters I cut out of a red bandanna. I found “metal” bowls at the local dollar store, along with some farm animal friends. The cutlery buckets were a steal from IKEA at only $1.99!


For snacks we had:

  • Wood chips (potato chips)
  • Chicken feed (popcorn)
  • Tractor parts (bits and bites / chex mix)
  • Hay bales (rice crispy treats)
  • Tractor tires (mini donuts)
  • Fruits and Veggies from “Emilia’s Garden”
  • Cow pies (brownies)

After guests arrived and enjoyed some snacks, it was time for our surprise visitors to arrive! We hired a local petting zoo company to pay us a visit and bring us some little critter friends to join in the fun!

(As much as I would have loved to have farm animals, I had to reign myself in since we were having the party at my in laws house and I didn’t want my father in law to think I was any crazier than he already thinks I am…. lol)

We had so much fun with the animals and I loved seeing Emilia’s eyes light up as soon as the first “friend” appeared!

Can I just take a minute to be completely honest?

Two of our little “friends’ cough…. the snake and the tarantula !!! This mama was not a fan of and was seriously freaking her freak ! (on the inside at least!)

Honestly, look at these two! Who’s fearless kids are these?? Because I’m telling you, both Mike and I were Squirming!

Everyone including the adults were completely focused on the animals! It was a blast for all ages!

After our fun visit it was time for cake and to blow out the candles!

All in all it was a great day! We are so blessed to have so many amazing family members and friends that love our children so much! I’m so happy they were there to share Emilia’s special day with us!

I’m also super thankful that you stuck through this post with an over load of farm fun photos!

xo, Fran

“Cowabunga Dudes!” Ninja Party Details (Part 2)

These next two projects were totally inspired by Pinterest!

These super easy turtle shells were made out of roasting pans I found at the dollar store! The burlap ribbon is also from there! 

I tried using acrylic paint, it didn’t work. We actually had to buy spray paint that worked perfectly and was way faster than painting these by hand!

I’m using these as decor, but you could easily extend the ribbon and make it wearable for your little ones! 
I got this next idea while still at the dollar store.

I was trying to figure out a fun way to display the cupcakes we’re having made for Frankie’s party. While going through the barbecue supply section I found these pizza pans! The design on the back was a perfect shell  pattern! 

A little paint, some wooden spindles from the local hardware store and we’ve got a cake stand! 

(Mike left me alone with his drill. I assembled everything myself and yes one of them is a little off center, which he was very quick to point out! I could honestly care less! I’m super proud of how they turned out!)

For extra support I doubled the pans (they’re pretty thin!) I also added a piece of cardboard so it wouldn’t be as flimsy! 

Everything is coming together and I can’t wait for the weekend! Partially because I’m super excited to see Frankie’s reaction, but mostly because this mama is exhausted!! 

I’m so happy I’ve been able to find most of these supplies on the cheap side! 

Well if you’ll excuse me I’m still drowning in Ninja Turtle things over here! It’s time to get back to work! (If I never see another turtle my whole life, it will be too soon!)

Look out for the full party recap next week so you can see what else I’ve been up to and how everything came together! 
xo, Fran

“Cowabunga Dudes!” Ninja Turtles party details (Part 1)

Every year Frankie has a new obsession!

Parents you know what I’m talking about….

With each passing year there the new “cool” show or movie that seems to take over everything!

This year it’s all about TMNT.

Thankfully I turned to my trusted BFF Pinterest, who had no shortage of “Totally Radical!” ideas. (do they still talk like that? Or was that just on the 90’s version? I’ll have to ask Frankie…)

This year we’ll be having 2 separate parties one with his friends. This party will be at a local grocery store who have cooking classes! At this party Frankie and his friends will get to make their own pizza’s and decorate some cupcakes to bring home!

The second party will be the usual family pool party we have at my in laws house.

So I’ve broken these posts up into a few different parts! I’m so excited to share all the fun projects and little details going into these parties!

I found the idea and tutorial to make these awesome “sewer grates” on Pinterest. I’m actually really proud of my end result. (They don’t look as good as the original, which you can find Here .) Nevertheless I love them!

I’m also super lucky to find local Canadian small shops that make amazing products! Seriously this party would be nothing without them!

ninja turtles party

My VERY talented cousin has started his own graphic design business which you can find here  He’s done the invitations for every birthday party we’ve had. (Also my new logo, business cards and Facebook design are all thanks to him!)

He knows once the summer rolls around, it’s time for some fun and is always excited to get to work on the new theme! This year he came through BIG TIME with our pizza menu style invitations and these personalized stickers for our Loot Bag pizza boxes! Seriously how amazing are they!

I Also found an amazing small business that makes excellent quality and adorable masks!  4 D Farms is AWESOME!! They have such a large variety of designs, reasonably priced and fantatsic customer service!

I know the kids will absolutly love their masks!

Ninja Turtles party

Besides the masks, the kids will get some other goodies!

Included in a valupack I purchased were

  • noisemakers
  • spinning tops
  • a watch game
  • keychain

Then I also added:

  • Matching boucey balls
  • Ninja stars
  • Turtle ooze
  • CANDY of course (including gummy pizzas and TOXIC WASTE candy!)

Everything is coming together!

I can’t wait to see it all done! (Also, to get some rest! This mama has been on the go!)

Check back in for some other project I’m working on with Items you can find at your local dollar store!

For now I’m back to work!





Invasion of the baby food jars!

With Emilia starting solids, we’ve been going through a lot of baby food jars lately. I didn’t want to just get rid of them, I knew they had to be useful for something!

I took to Pinterest….. As usual! While there I discovered a few helpful and fun uses for these mini jars!

One idea I found and tried for myself, was making mini planters to grow your own herbs indoors! During a recent trip to our local dollar store I found some gold glitter tape. I added it to 3 washed jars, added seeds, soil and water! So easy and they’re pretty cute if you ask me!  


They’re super glittery! The picture really doesn’t do them justice. I’m thinking of doing one or two to store my lip and eyeliners. They would be good for makeup brushes too!

I’ve seen the spice organizer idea, snow globe and votive candle holder ideas a million times. These are a few new ideas I’ve never seen, and definitely plan on using. We won’t be running out of jars anytime soon so I might as well get some good use out of them! 

I’ve seen a lot of people bake cupcakes or mini fruit crumbles in the jars but these s’mores caught my eye idea from Phar-


find the recipe here:

Who doesn’t want to make home manicures even easier? This idea is literally genius! Nail polish remover idea from Momtastic


Find it here!

These little jars are the perfect size for little hands, and make adorable little drinks for a summer party! Stay at Homeista had this great idea! 
Here’s the link!

We all have those bobby pins laying around our homes! Now thanks to Oh how crafty you’ll have a place to store them and other things in the cutest way! 

The step by step instructions are here!

I try to reuse as much as I can, I really hate throwing things away if I don’t have to.

 Also, if any of you have a child that watches Sesame Street like Frankie. You’ll know they’ve been talking about recycling a lot. Frankie walks around the house singing “don’t throw it away, recycle and play!” Over and over again! 

 I think it’s great that he’s learning about recycling already and we try to set a good example for him. By doing it ourselves

I’ve seen many other uses for the jars including,

  • Crayon organizer 
  • Making your own air freshener 
  • Storing little bits of leftover wall paint for touch ups.
  • Succulent planter
  • Container for party favors 

Honestly Pinterest is full of great ideas!!

With all of the jars I have around here, I should probably get to work!

On a little side note, it’s been pretty exciting over here! 

Frankie got his first baseball glove and starts T ball on Monday and Emilia’s hair is now long enough for her first set of pig tails!

 These two are growing way too fast for my liking, but I have to admit it is fun going through every new stage with them! 

 xo, Fran 

Bird cookies

Spring is finally showing up! Slowly but surely the weather is getting better with each passing day.

We’re pretty lucky at our house, thanks to our next door neighbour who’s yard is completely full of trees we see many birds that have decided to make nests in our neighbouring “forest”. Frankie loves seeing the chickadees, blue jays and cardinals especially!

Frankie had noticed during the winter that there weren’t many birds around. This winter we thought him about migration and where birds go in the winter. Now with the weather warming up Frankie is excited about all the birds “coming home”!

He wanted to buy a bird feeder and have a special treat waiting for them when they get here. I thought it would be more fun to make something ourselves. 

I did a little research and came up with this idea and recipe, Frankie said they looked like cookies. So he named them bird cookies!

They are very easy to make, Frankie loved it. The only downside is waiting overnight for them to dry, which with a 3 year old is a good lesson in patience. All in all I think it’s a fun way to welcome spring, and all of Frankie’s “birdie friends” back home after this long cold winter! 

Bird cookies

What you need:

  • 4 cups bird seed
  • 3/4 Cup all purpose flour
  • 3 Tbs corn syrup
  • 1/2 Cup water
  • Yarn
  • a straw
  • Cookie cutters
  1. In a large bowl add ingredients, mix well until blended
  2. Line your work surface with foil or wax paper.
  3. Press seed mixture into a cookie cutter, press firmly so mixture is tight packed. 


4. Insert a piece of your straw into the shape to make a hole in your “cookie”. Be sure not to make your hole too close to the top, or the yarn will break right through when it’s hung. 


5. Let sit for one minute, slowly slide your cookie out of your cookie cutter.

6. Repeat until all your mixture has been used up.

7. Let dry over night 


When dry thread yarn through hole and they’re ready to be hung!


I’m hoping to catch a picture of our “friends” enjoying our special treat in the coming days. For now I’ll have to wait until morning for Frankie and I to hang these ones up!



Spring Flowers 

With the beginning of March a small light at the end of this dark cold winter tunnel is in sight!

I thought I would share a fun craft Frankie and I made for both my Mother and Mother in law for Mothers Day! He loved making them and they loved recieving them. The best part is, you only use things you probably already have around the house!  

These adorable flowers will lever wilt and will always be around to brighten your home to give you a little hope that all of this snow will soon be gone!

What you need:

Egg cartons ( as many as you want depending on how many flowers you would like)


Pipe cleaners

1 enthusiastic little helper!

Pretty easy directions, 

Cut out all the individual cups of the egg carton. 

You can shape them into different flowers shapes, but I thought they looked cute as they were.

Paint the cups whatever colours you would like, completely inside and out. My helper wanted rainbow flowers! 

Then set aside to dry!

(Frankie loved this part, but we took many breaks to wipe my little clean freak’s hands lol)

Then we used pipe cleaner to make stems! Construction paper would make great leaves but we used pipe cleaners for those as well. We then wrapped each bouquet up the same as a florist would. I didn’t get a picture of that but trust me it was super cute!

This bouquet is now proudly displayed at Frankie’s Nonna’s house and I think they are adorable!

This was a fun activity that I thought I would share, and a perfect way to welcome spring with your little one!

Have Fun!

xo Fran