Getting Swept away with bObsweep !

Let’s face it, I’m always down to try anything that makes my life easier!

With two kids and a dog, I’m constantly sweeping, mopping and vacuuming!

Our house actually has 3 different types of flooring on the main floor alone. Ceramic, linoleum and laminate. So somethings work well at cleaning some floors, but not others. Which usually means more than one tool for the job!

When I discovered bObsweep I was super intrigued. They have so many options to fit everyone’s price point and lifestyle. I had heard so much about robot vacuums, but had my doubts!

I decided to give one a try and here’s what happened!

bObi robot vacuum

Our bObi pet arrived to our door along with many replacement parts like replacement brushes, HEPA filter, a blOck (I’ll let you know more about this later!) a charging station and a remote control! Also of course the instruction manual, which made figuring out where everything went a breeze!

After a quick charge, I wasted no time setting everything up and giving it a try!

First of all I want to say, my dog Pearl is afraid of EVERYTHING! Not even exaggerating, any loud noise sends her hiding under the bed and shaking!

When I turned the bObi pet on I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t loud at all! Pearl actually watched from a distance, relaxing in her little bed calmly!

I’d say bObi made a good first impression!

So it set off cleaning!

bObi robot vacuum

I discovered it has two speed setting. Also two cleaning modes!

  • GO! Is it’s default setting and it will use its programming to clean your whole floor!
  • WAFFLE is perfect for small spills. In this mode bObi will focus on an area of about 10 square feet, for about 3 minutes.

There’s also

JUICE where, get this!! Your bObi will stop cleaning and return itself to its charging station!!! Yes!

Return it’s self!

So awesome!

All of these settings are on the vacuum itself and can also be controlled on its remote! Again!!! How cool is that!

It fits under couches, coffee tables and ottomans! So no more heavy lifting!

bObi robot vacuum

Also on the remote, you can schedule your bObi to clean at certain times and days, like while you’re at work or even asleep!

I know your not supposed to have a favourite child, but “bObette” as I call her, is quickly making that hard for me!

Our bObi cleaned every flooring type including our rugs like a breeze!

bObi robot vacuum

The blOck is perfect for keeping your vacuum out of certain areas!

It actually creates a digital barrier that bObi will not cross!! Perfect for when I need to clean up, but the kids are still playing with their toys!

I now have the cleanest floors in town… Maybe…. probably….

All thanks to my bObi

I run it every morning, to take care to the crumbs that always find their way onto the floor after breakfast, and the dirt that the dog tracks in from the yard!

My floors get cleaned, while I lounge on my couch, and get some extra time to relax before the chaos of the day!

Just incase you think I do nothing now… I’d like to inform you that I sometimes get up and point the vacuum towards messes with the remote control…. So there! Lol!

All in all I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!!

Wether it’s pet hair, crumbs, dust or small spills, bObette has me covered!

If loving a robot is wrong then, I don’t want to be right!

Check bObsweep out for yourself and find the perfect vacuum that fits your life…

You can thank me later!



( I was given this product for the purpose of review. As always my opinions are my own and true!)