My “Replay” On Hummus. Italian Style Hummus and Re-Play !

replay recycled Italian style hummus

Teaching our kids about healthy snacking is super important to us! Teaching our kids about making sure our planet stays “healthy” is just as important!

I’ve known about Re-Play for a while now and loved their products! Not only are they adorable and literally come in a rainbow of colors, they are durable, affordable and best of all made from recycled milk jugs!

I had no question in my mind where to go when looking for a new “big girl” set for Emilia’s meal times.

Their “no spill” cups are SERIOUSLY no spill! (can i get an AMEN fellow parents!) The fork and spoon are perfect to help her little hands master the skill of self feeding. Although she still eats like a little barbarian shoveling food into her little mouth….. but hey, we’re working on it!

These plates are so durable, you can actually run them over with your car! Even though I feel like I’ve been run over at the end of most days, I would never dream of doing that to this adorable set!

At the end of the day , the things that are important to most parents are the same things that this company believes in.

  • affordability for families
  • sustainability
  • durability
  • functionality
  • safety

You can purchase your own adorable Re-Play set directly from their website. You can also find them on Amazon, or at Walmart, Target, Whole foods and various other specialty stores!

Italian style hummus


Once you get your Re-Play set, why not whip up a delicious and healthy snack?

Our Family loves to snack and hummus is one of our favorites! I had such an awesome response to my Guaca-Hummus recipe that I decided to share another super easy spin on the classic!

My Italian Style Hummus is a hit with our family and I know yours will love it too!

  • 1 can cannellini beans  (white kidney beans)
  • 1/4 Cup sun dried tomatoes
  • 2 Tbs olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp dried oregano

Place all of your ingredients into your food processor or blender and blend until smooth!

That’s it!

A healthy snack for your little ones while helping to create a healthy planet!


xo Fran





“Cowabunga Dudes!” Ninja Party Details (Part 2)

These next two projects were totally inspired by Pinterest!

These super easy turtle shells were made out of roasting pans I found at the dollar store! The burlap ribbon is also from there! 

I tried using acrylic paint, it didn’t work. We actually had to buy spray paint that worked perfectly and was way faster than painting these by hand!

I’m using these as decor, but you could easily extend the ribbon and make it wearable for your little ones! 
I got this next idea while still at the dollar store.

I was trying to figure out a fun way to display the cupcakes we’re having made for Frankie’s party. While going through the barbecue supply section I found these pizza pans! The design on the back was a perfect shell  pattern! 

A little paint, some wooden spindles from the local hardware store and we’ve got a cake stand! 

(Mike left me alone with his drill. I assembled everything myself and yes one of them is a little off center, which he was very quick to point out! I could honestly care less! I’m super proud of how they turned out!)

For extra support I doubled the pans (they’re pretty thin!) I also added a piece of cardboard so it wouldn’t be as flimsy! 

Everything is coming together and I can’t wait for the weekend! Partially because I’m super excited to see Frankie’s reaction, but mostly because this mama is exhausted!! 

I’m so happy I’ve been able to find most of these supplies on the cheap side! 

Well if you’ll excuse me I’m still drowning in Ninja Turtle things over here! It’s time to get back to work! (If I never see another turtle my whole life, it will be too soon!)

Look out for the full party recap next week so you can see what else I’ve been up to and how everything came together! 
xo, Fran

“Cowabunga Dudes!” Ninja Turtles party details (Part 1)

ninja turtles party

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Summer is here! I’ve found that we’ve been eating more snack sized meals during the day instead of sitting down to actual large meals, since we’re usually on the go. It’s so hard not to reach for the chips and cookies that we have around the house, but I’ve found that food prep is key! […]

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Coconut Oatmeal Cookie Cups

coconut oatmeal cookie cups

Sometimes when you have an already super busy weekend, you take a few minutes of rare silence and relax when you can…. Or in my case, you decide to bake cookies when you should be figuring out what to make for dinner! The inspiration for these came while mixing up some cookie dough and wondering […]

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Moscato Wine Punch

moscato wine punch

We celebrated Mother’s Day by hosting our mothers and immediate families for our annual Mother’s Day dinner! We’ve done it for 3 years now, and I love being able to let my Mom and Mother in law sit back and let someone else do the work for once! This year I wanted to switch things […]

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Garlic + Parmesan Mini Monkey Bread

garlic parmesan mini monkey bread

We have pasta night at least once a week around here. What’s better than sopping up all of that leftover sauce with a fresh roll? (Nothing, nothing at all!!)  Let’s be realistic, who has time to make fresh rolls on a weeknight? Now you do! Or at least people will think you do….. Thanks to a […]

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Sun Dried Tomato and Asparagus Frittata


    Weeknights can get pretty hectic around here! After school hours are a blur of: snack time, unpacking backpacks, debates over unfinished lunches and toddler wrangling. Some nights call for something super easy and of course delicious! Frittatas are so versatile and there are literally endless combinations and possibilities. This recipe was made on […]

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Caprese Bread


Spring has finally arrived!! This gorgeous weather has me dreaming about my favorite summer time foods. Who doesn’t love a delicious Caprese salad? While it’s not quite time for a picnic on our patio, I decided to put a little summertime spin on lunch last weekend. What’s better to kick up a boring old sandwich […]

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Classic Chocolate Chewy Brownies + Chocolate Glaze

classic chocolate brownies

You’ve probably learned by now that I like to eat me feelings. Comfort food when I’m feeling down, is a must!

With this crummy, gloomy weather I was feeling pretty down. So what’s better than chocolate to brighten your mood?

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