Valentine’s Day Breakfast Board Break Down!

Valentine’s Day breakfast board

So charcuterie boards are all the rage these days!

You can switch them up for any occasion, holiday or meal, and they all follow the same rules!

I’ve broken down my Valentine’s Day board step by step. I like to think of it as my game plan and my picture probably reminds you of one of those sports play pictures you see on tv… but this one has way yummier results, and everyone wins!

Valentine’s Day breakfast board

So first you need a vessel for all that deliciousness to go on. I used pancakes and toast, but why not add waffles, bagels or even French toast!

You need something salty to balance out your sweets! That spot went to our proteins! Bacon and maple breakfast sausage! Cheese, salted nuts and cured meats could also be good options!

A little extra texture comes to us with some spreads! Strawberry cream cheese, and hazelnut spread are great to layer on to our vessels, or dip our fruit into.

Then we’ve got fruit, fruit and more fruit! Make it colourful, make it bright and make it fun with some cookie cutters!

Valentine’s Day breakfast board

Food is my love language and waking up to this beauty of a board, would definitely make me feel the love this Valentine’s Day!

I’ve teamed up with a few amazing ladies to showcase even more “lovely” board ideas! Show them some love below and check them out too!

In the mood for a sweet and spicy Valentine’s Day board? Head over to Jessica Lynn Writes

Or sweet and salty with a rom com spin?? Little Dove Blog has the perfect one for you!

Check them out and show some love this Valentines Day!

xo, Fran


  1. Justine @ Little Dove says:

    How awesome is this?! My kids would love this for a fun and tasty breakfast Valentine’s Day weekend!


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